Why JetTech?

Why JetTech Fleet Services?

JetTech Fleet Services is a locally owned truck and trailer service and maintenance business providing our customers with a one-stop service for all their truck repair needs.

JetTech Fleet Services works on every make and model – from pick up trucks to tractor/trailers.

JetTech Fleet Services offers a complete maintenance program from P.M.’s to major overhauls.

In-House Maintenance
• Mechanic turnover / productivity
• Limited equipment, tooling and training
• Costs and inventory controls

• Expensive sites
• Poor communications Mom & Pop Shops
• Unprofessional
• Sloppy, chaotic workplace
• Nothing comes in writing
• Poor turnaround time
• Inconsistent billing

JetTech Fleet Services
• Professional people and environment
• Highly skilled technicians
• Up to date diagnostic equipment
• Consistent billing (estimates and book time)
• Excellent turntime
• Customized service